Here's When Your Pantry Staples Actually Expire

Building a robust and diverse pantry is a goal of any home chef. Keeping long-lasting items on hand is the key to churning out healthy dishes and crowd-pleasing favourites at the drop of a hat. But how long do "non-perishables" really last? Are they really able to withstand anything and still be cleared for consumption? Food52 did a little digging, keep scrolling to find out when they suggest tossing your pantry go-tos.

Dried Pasta
Toss after two years. The USDA recommends pitching any pasta after 24 months, even if it's still in the original seal box or has been in an air-tight container.

White Flour 
Toss after nine months. Even in a seal container, moisture can creep into flour and with it come Psocids, tiny insects that live and thrive in dry foods.

Wheat Flour
Toss after three months. Unlike it's white cousin, wheat flour will not last as long due to the oils from the germ and bran which become rancid with age.

Canned Tomatoes
Toss after 18 months. High-acidic foods like tomatoes contain chemicals which over time react with the containers resulting in taste changes and decreased nutritional value.

Olive Oil
Toss after 20 months. Enemies of olive oil include heat, light, and air which can all alter the delicate taste. Keep olive oil in a dark glass or ceramic containers with a tight-fitting cap and avoid dark plastic bottles and metal vessels as then may contaminate the oil.

For more expiration information for your pantry staples, head to Food52.

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