How Pantone Selects Its Colour of the Year, According to a New Video

Kelsey Clark

From Pantone's heavy-handed role in setting the yearly colour trends to its less-direct influence over the hues that pop up in and around our homes, it's safe to say that we're fascinated by the world-renowned factory and everything that goes into colour psychology. Little did we know that the unequivocal authority on all things colour resides close by, in Carlstadt, New Jersey. New York magazine's The Cut recently had the honour of touring the factory in person, and the resulting video is just as mesmerising as you'd expect. From colour matching to hand-selecting the Colour of the Year (two years in advance, no less), Pantone's influence touches home interiors, multimedia design, fashion, colour cosmetics, industrial design, and more.

Step inside the iconic colour factory below, and shop this book on colour theory to learn more about the fascinating psychology of colour.

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Opening Image: Ohm Lighting

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