"Change Is Never Easy, But It's Never a Bad Thing"—a Woman on Career Swapping

You spent your 20s working toward building your dream career, but now that you’re in your 30s, what do you do when you’ve, well, changed your mind? Or maybe you never quite figured it out, and you’re now ready to commit to something you’re passionate about, whether it’s a job, a city, or just a new way of life. To celebrate the career changes that can come at any age, we’re debuting a new series, Second Life. Each week, we’ll hear from women who got over their doubts and fears and made the biggest changes of their lives.


Aliya Rose

Career paths no longer take the linear trajectory they once did and Pamela Schein Murphy is proof of that. The entrepreneur is now at the helm of her own lifestyle website named The Select 7, in which she profiles celebrities, influencers, and other notable guests, but her own job history is far from typical.

Although she always had a passion for creative journalism, Murphy found herself pivoting from writing to working at a major talent and literary agency in the early days of her career. When she found the agent life didn't suit her, she swapped careers again, opting to work in her husband, Food Network's Chef Marc Murphy's, restaurant. While working front of house at LandMarc, she also managed to start her own film production business, which was responsible for producing the romantic comedy flick Something Borrowed.

"My career path is less path and more twisty walk through a confusing and sometimes mystifying forest," Murphy admits. However, the unexpected path is what led her to strike out on her own and create the content she wanted. "It was really time to rediscover my voice and my passion and to create something that I could call my own," she says.

In this edition of Second Life, Murphy shares how her many different career paths helped her recognise her true passion and why she never stopped following her gut in the process.

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