The Iconic Palace of Versailles Is Opening a Five-Star Hotel

Sacha Strebe

When you daydream of far-off places you'd rather be right now, we're pretty sure France is on top. It's brimming with culture, beautiful people, and historic landmarks. One of the most iconic, and our personal favourite, is the grand Palace of Versailles, built by King Louis XIV in the 17th century. Thousands of visitors take the day trip from Paris to see the eternally popular tourist attraction, and soon they'll be able to stay there too. According to Daily News, the palace's management is seeking an outside partner to transform three 1680s buildings into a five-star luxury hotel just outside the Versailles park's gates. The total cost to renovate the run-down buildings into luxury accommodation is between $4.44 million and $7.77 million, but just imagine waking up to that view! Time to start planning that girls' trip. 

To read more about the new Palace of Versailles hotel, visit Daily News.

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