Inside a Designer's Striking Home With Jewel Tones

Sacha Strebe

While we wouldn’t call ourselves colour averse, let’s just say there’s never been a white room we didn’t like (you have to see Erin Fetherston’s all-white family home). Colour can be tricky to work with and get right, but when done well, it’s awe-inspiring. So you can imagine our delight at seeing the jewel-toned home of interior designer Maja Lithander Smith. When the globe-trotting creative finally put down her roots in San Francisco, she found a four-story home in the Marina and went about redecorating it with her “wanderlust-infused approach.”

From bright emerald green to bold cerulean blue, the family home is infused with dramatic tones. “I wanted to create an elegant and cool, dark and glamorous space for dinners,” she told SFC&G. We are definitely feeling those glam vibes. Take a look for yourself and shop the sleek look below.

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