The 5 Things You 100% Don't Need to Pack When Travelling

Kelsey Clark


While we've extensively studied the art of packing a carry-on , there are always a few items that manage to sneak into our bags at the last minute. But as Apartment Therapy points out, learning how to pack light is less about making room in your suitcase and more about guaranteeing a minimalistic, hassle- and stress-free trip. "Less stuff equals less weight to carry, fewer things to keep track of, and fewer choices to make when you get dressed in the morning," the site remarks. Apartment Therapy recently compiled an unpacking list for all frequent flyers. Read up on the five items that don't deserve a place in your suitcase:

  1. A third or fourth pair of shoes: Stick to one casual and one dressy instead.
  2. A second pair of jeans: One durable pair of jeans that fit you great should be more than enough.
  3. Valuable jewellery or accessories: There's always a chance you'll lose it. Replace your valuables with inexpensive alternatives before a trip.
  4. Anything out of season: This is for the "always prepared" types; you will not need a sweatshirt for a summer trip to Miami.
  5. Anything you can buy cheaply at your destination: Steer clear of gift-shop prices, but it's safe to shop toiletries at the local pharmacy or grocery store.

What would you add to this unpacking list? Share your thoughts below, and head over to Apartment Therapy for more! 

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