Interior Designers Across America Are Officially Retiring These 5 Décor Trends

Perhaps no other season inspires a complete home décor overhaul quite like spring. With the leaves subtly changing hue and the temperatures rising to a warm 25 degrees, change is quite literally in the air. Naturally, the shift to balmy summer nights made for swilling chilled rosé a refreshing update as we embrace the warmer climate.

Given that we're entering peak spring, we turned to the pros to find out which of the season's trends have lasting staying power. Ahead, we asked interior designers to weigh in on the outdated décor trends they're retiring this season—and the ones to try instead. From curvilinear furniture worth investing in to affordable woven throws that will lend texture to your space on a budget, here are the trends some of the most sought-after interior designers in America are embracing this season—and the ones they're steering clear of.

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