We're Low-Key Obsessed With Our Pregnant Editor’s Baby Name Shortlist

Nicole Singh

Fashion and décor have one main thing in common: What was once old always comes back in vogue. And the same is true for original baby names. It’s no secret that we love predicting the latest trend in unique monikers, often snagging a couple of extras to add to our lists. We’ve studied the favourites of the Japanese, the Scandinavians, and the Italians, and now we are looking much closer to home. Our senior beauty and lifestyle editor, Lisa Patulny, has herself been pondering names for her new babe due in a few months. Her inspiration? Some of the music greats, and we think she’s right on the money with this retro-inspired trend, too. 

“A lot of the names I love have a real nostalgic pull for me. I grew up extremely close with both my grandfathers, which means I’ve listened to more Nat King Cole and Elvis than you’d think possible for a child of the ’90s, and I also watched a lot of MGM. (I still don’t understand when people say they don’t know who Doris Day is.) 

“My heritage is German, and my husband’s is Italian-Japanese, so I’ve also found a bit of inspiration there. That said, some additions to the list are purely random.”

See her shortlist of names below.




Meaning: The little girl with big ideas.


Meaning: Bringer of joy. 


Meaning: From the hill by the lake. 


Meaning: Smooth, round bead.


Meaning: Favour and grace. 

Mickey (from michael)

Meaning: Who is like God.




Meaning: Noble.


Meaning: People bold.


Meaning: From the pointed hill.


Meaning: Handsome.


Meaning: Rest.


Meaning: All-wise.

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