Expert Advice For Buying Furniture Online

The Internet has its perks: a constant source of inspiration, global access to information, and of course, shopping. That said, it is a breeding ground for impulse buying, not to mention that online retailers often use their virtual storefronts to misrepresent the form, proportion, and quality of products you're looking to purchase. My advice for shopping for décor online is simple: do your research and get ready to put on a multitude of metaphorical hats. Expert Advice You Need to Know When Buying Furniture Online 1. Know Your Weaknesses: Shopping online whether it be furniture or fashion eradicates your ability to touch. Even detailed photos can be misleading and used as a marketing tool, do not be fooled! Be aware that photos may have been altered and colours seen on screen aren't necessarily accurate, and always read the fine print. Assembly required, professional installation recommended, and additional parts needed are details you should know upfront, not when the piece is delivered. 2. Don't Overlook the Fabric: If you're looking at upholstery, be extra sceptical when it comes to the fabric. Fabric quality is paramount in my design studio because it can make or break a piece of furniture. Cheap blends, funky colours, and poor quality fibres can't be caught when sitting behind a computer. Order samples of everything before making a purchase. The few extra days you have to wait for the swatch to arrive will be well worth it if it saves you from ordering a costly piece you aren't happy with upon arrival. 3. Pay Attention to Measurements: I think a lot of people lose their sense of scale when shopping online. For me, scale is what sets a room apart because it plays with the eye and actually creates an illusion of greater depth and space. When shopping online, sit in front of your computer with a measuring tape and set out the dimensions given by the retailer either with masking or painters tape. This will give you a better idea of what you are actually buying. In the photos, that coffee table might look like it will be big enough to fit in your spacious family room, but in fact, maybe it's more appropriate for a small studio apartment. Ultimately, the best advice I can give when buying online is try and shop at stores that have a brick-and-mortar location. That way, if you are unsure about a certain piece of furniture, you can go into store and see it in the flesh. estee-signature-layout Photograph: Brittany Ambridge for Domino

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