A One-Minute Workout Might Be All You Need

by Daniel Barna


If you’re one of many of us who find it increasingly difficult to fit exercise into your busy schedule, well, we’ve got some good news. According to a new study from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, one minute of intense exercise is just as effective as 45 minutes of modest exercise.

“This is a very time-efficient workout strategy,” said Martin Gibala, one of the lead exercise physiologists on the study. “Brief bursts of intense exercise are remarkably effective.”

In order to prove their theory, the scientists enlisted 25 out-of-shape men and put them on separate programs of varied workout intensity levels. The intense workouts comprised heavy sprinting cycles while the moderate group was tasked with riding a stationary bike at a leisurely pace for 45 minutes.

What they found was that the health benefits between the two groups were nearly identical, despite the fact that the moderate group had done five times as much exercise as the intensive training group.

“Most people cite ‘lack of time’ as the main reason for not being active,” Gibala added. “Our study shows that an interval-based approach can be more efficient—you can get health and fitness benefits comparable to the traditional approach, in less time.”

So the next time you think to yourself that you wish you had enough time to get a proper workout in, remember that in the time it took you to have that thought, you could have been burning major calories.

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