13 Important Life Lessons You Can Learn in One Minute

Julia Millay Walsh

We’re all about efficiency and shortcuts, especially when it comes to things that may take years to learn or complete—and even more so when they have long-lasting impact. We recently discovered a Quora question that spoke to this very subject matter: What can I learn right now in one minute that will be useful for the rest of my life? We asked a few friends the same question and handpicked some of the greatest hits from Quora. Read on below for 13 lessons that will help you now until the day you bite the dust.

How to always nail your high-fives. As you lower your palm and forearm while you’re giving a high-five, focus your eyes on your friend’s elbows. You’ll never miss a high-five again.

How to find the gas pump. When you’re fuelling up at the gas station, don’t be confused about which side of the car has the gas tank ever again. Look at the gas indicator on your dashboard and you’ll see a small arrow beside it; the arrow points to the side of your car where the tank is.

How to keep yourself from crying. If you think you’re about to cry, rub your tongue against the roof of your mouth. The activity disorients your brain and prevents you from tearing up.

How to eat healthier without changing your diet. Eat the healthiest foods on your plate first. Especially if your portions are large, the healthy foods may fill you up, and you’ll eat less of the unhealthy stuff.

How to hold on to your pens. When someone asks to borrow your pen, hold on to your pen cap. He or she is less likely to walk away with it, as no one wants to keep an unclosed pen in their pocket or purse.

How to know which side of the road your exit is on. To save yourself the trouble and danger of having to make a last-minute four-lane change before you exit, read the exit sign with the number (the one that says EXIT 10A, not the one that names the street). These exit signs are justified to the right or left depending on which sign of the street they’re on.

How to fall asleep immediately. To fall asleep in less than one minute, follow the 4-7-8 breathing trick. For four seconds, breathe in through your nose. Then, hold your breath for seven and exhale for eight.

How to avoid bumping into someone. Picture this: You and another person are walking (or biking) toward each other, about to bump into each other. Then he or she moves to the right… and you also move to the right. Then you both move left, about to hit each other again. When this happens, just stop everything you’re doing and remain stationary. The other person will be forced to move around you without causing any more confusion.

How to prevent premature emails. To prevent yourself from sending an email prematurely, don’t fill out the addressee until you are ready to send. Learn more email hacks for productivity and efficiency.

How to make grilled cheese without a pan. Turn your toaster on its side to make an open-faced grilled cheese without a pan.

How to get something out of your eye. Look at the ground and blink repeatedly.

How to apologise wholeheartedly. Apologies sound insincere when they’re following by the word “but.” Replace the conjunction with a simple pause in speech. For instance, trade “I’m sorry, but I’m out of luck” for “I’m sorry. I’m out of luck,” and you’ll sound more genuine.

How to serve Chinese takeout. Chinese takeout cartons are actually designed to fold out into paper plates. If you plan to eat all of it, unfold the carton out flat into a plate, and eat like the lady or gentleman you are.

Want to learn more lessons like this? Visit Quora to learn more of these gems, and pick up a copy of Life Hacks: Helpful Hints to Make Life Easier below.

What would you add to this list? Share your wisdom with us below.

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