You'll Never Guess Where We Found This $20 Art

Peter Dolkas
Joy Cho is unstoppable. No sooner than the designer and blogger launched her Target collaboration, another was announced with Land of Nod. All while blogging and raising her - totally adorable - daughter Ruby? It seems practically impossible. The  latest collection features bedding, lamps, pillows, soft goods, and rugs. But, we're absolutely smitten with the art. It's tricky to find affordable art, and often you find it in the most unlikely places. This time it's on a children's furnishings site, and it's all super cute. When selecting your favourite, just go with what makes you happy. As Cho says, regarding why she loves Max Wanger's Ice Cream Print, "We love ice cream."  Well put, Cho, well put. _header 2
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Ice Cream Print by Max Wanger, $20, Land of Nod Bowtie Print by Michelle Armas, $20, Land of Nod
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It Takes Two by Christopher David Ryan, $20, Land of Nod Car Love Print by Miranda Wulff Altschuler, $20, Land of Nod
Shop the full collection at Land of Nod.

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