See NYC's Most Expensive Rental Apartment

Meghan Rooney

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If you think paying $2000 a month for your apartment is outrageous—well, it is—but that's pennies compared to the price of New York City's most expensive rental, which rings in at $500,000 USD, wait for it, per month. Business Insider recently released details and several photos from inside the pricey apartment, which is located inside NYC's iconic Pierre Hotel on the Upper East Side.

The expansive 4786 square foot space takes up the hotel's entire 39 floor and offers six bedrooms, six marble bathrooms, a huge living area, and more. The price tag could also have something to do with the panoramic views set high above the city—the windows look out over Central Park. What else will $500,000 USD a month get you? All of the luxurious amenities like twice-daily maid service, a butler, and access to the Pierre's chauffeured Jaguar, offered by the hotel. The apartment may see a fair share of tenants as leases can be signed for as little as 30 days or as long as requested. 

Head over to Business Insider to take the full tour of NYC's most expensive rental.

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