Travelling? This Is What a Nutritionist Won't Leave Home Without

Lauren Powell


Between plane meals, disrupted sleeping patterns, and guaranteed dehydration, staying healthy while travelling is definitely no mean feat. Because let’s be honest, it’s always more tempting to reach for a packet of your favourite potato chips over a piece of fruit, and a glass of rosé over a superfood smoothie during the excitement of touching down in a new city. But the impact of our indulgences on our health while in transit is less than ideal.

In light of this, we enlisted the expertise of nutritionist and regular jetsetter, Jessica Sepel, to find out how she stays in tip top shape while on the road. Her secret? Preparation. “Although I dedicate my life to “healthy living”, I find keeping healthy while travelling can be quite the challenge—the trick is preparation,” says Sepel. Scroll on to find out the 10 things Sepel never leaves the home without.

1. Lavender oil

“I use lavender oil to induce calmness and sleep. I dab some lavender oil on my temples throughout the day and when I'm on the plane.”

2. Face mist for hydration

“I spray rose water on my face every hour to keep my skin hydrated and glowing. It keeps you looking and feeling fresh.”

3. Herbal tea bags

“For me, tea is delicious and comforting during travelling. I love chamomile, lemon-ginger and liquorice.”

4. Green powders

“Green powders are packed with nutrients and antioxidants for energy.”

5. A good quality probiotic

“When travelling it’s so important to maintain the good bacteria in the gut. This can also help with travel bloat. Be sure to choose a probiotic that is stable at room temperature so you can take it wherever you go!”

6. Protein powder sachets

“When I’m hungry and need an energy lift during travel, I love to mix a clean protein powder in some water or sometimes I ask the local juice jar to blend it up for me with some berries and ice.”

7. Eye mask

“I always take an eye mask to enjoy restorative sleep. It is important to be in darkness when trying to sleep to support melatonin production (light destroys production of melatonin). This will help with jetlag too.”

8. Healthy snacks

“Healthy snacks are absolute lifesavers. Try a jar of raw nuts, homemade granola, homemade protein balls (sugar-free protein balls), rice cakes with almond butter or avocado, or raw veggie sticks with hummus and tahini.”

9. A healthy book

“I love to take a yummy health book to keep me busy and inspired.”

10. A stainless steel water bottle

“It’s so important to stay hydrated throughout the flight and continue the next day to avoid dehydration and fluid retention.”

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