4 Non-Boring Finance Podcasts To Help You Get Ahead


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There's something about a good podcast that makes learning something new feel like a whole lot less of a chore than popping Post Its on every second page for top tips to remember. Good podcasts are the most interesting (and least infuriating) one-way conversations we can have and that's why if there's a life subject you're yet to ace, adding a few good channels to your podcast favourites is the best way to get you up to speed.

Take money, for example—even smart people can be dumb with their dollars and considering it's a major factor in your sense of personal security, it's a wonder we don't check in with it more often.

To help, we've gathered the best (and least boring) podcasts that help demystify that eternally elusive goal of 'mastering money'. Go forth and prosper.

Scroll down to see 4 podcasts that will help you master money (and not put you to sleep).

Listen Money Matters

When the tagline for this podcast is 'make money like a badass!', you know you're not in for a dry discussion about finances. Hosts Andrew Feibert and Thomas Frank don't have any trouble digging into the everyday money matters of their listeners: from those with an upcoming wedding ('The Broke Ass Bride Wedding Guide' will do nicely for you), any budding entrepreneurs ('How to Quit Your Job and Actually Start a Business' is spot-on) and those who are curious about this whole business of money making ('Money History: The Creation of Money'), there's something for everyone.

We Study Billionaires

Hoping to be the next Bill Gates in the making? This fascinating podcast created by Preston Pysh and Stig Brodersen centres on the idea that to be a billionaire, you have to think like a billionaire. The 'We Study Billionaires' podcast picks up the "clues" influential people in business leave behind: the books they read, the habits they develop (which are a little more in-depth than our failing attempt to stop taking money out of convenience store ATMs). If you're ever wanted to make your mark in the business world, this is the podcast for you. 

Like a Mother

A veteran money writer herself, Emma Johnson has wealth both in knowledge and in the bank. Her podcasts discuss money in the wider context of personal success: there's also a lean towards women, self-sufficiency and being smart with your dollars, with stories like how a single mum grew her business from '$0k to $500k in 2 years' and the like. She's also engaged women like Arianna Huffington in her podcasts (need we say more?) If you're looking for an 'I-got-this' vibe to your finances, Emma's your go-to.

Stacking Benjamins

This award-winning podcast is a fan-favourite and it's because things are done a little differently. For example, the show is segmented into sections (as a magazine would be), so it doesn't drag on with every inch of one subject, meaning there's a lot less of a chance of boredom popping up. They also feature a panel of experts on subjects to keep debates lively and levelled. Add a regular team of experts and you've got yourself an educational (and entertaining) option for your morning commute.

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