Humans Might Not Need 8 Hours of Sleep a Night, After All

Katie Sweeney

There are all sorts of articles that say everything about modern society, from our smartphones to our fast-paced lives, is causing humankind to sleep less and less. However, a new study reported on The Cut proves that our ancestors didn’t get eight hours of sleep either. Researchers at the University of New Mexico and UCLA examined the sleep patterns of three hunter-gather communities (in Tanzania, Namibia, and Bolivia) who are thought to have lived similar lives to that of our forebears. The results show that they got less sleep than most modern Americans, with the average sleep time among the indigenous groups being six hours and 25 minutes per night. The study is significant because it demonstrates that eight hours might not be the normal person's required amount of sleep. “The authors worry that presenting a number as the ideal or required amount of sleep could lead people to take sleeping pills they don't really need,” writes The Cut. It’s best to listen to your body, and if you’re ok on five hours, great! But if you need nine hours of sleep, go to bed early.

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How much do you sleep per night?

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