The Next-Gen Baby Names You'll Want to Steal

Sacha Strebe

Sam Elsom

When it comes to baby names, our obsession with French (and European monikers in general) will never wane (we know you love them too!), but what about the next generation? What will members of Gen Z call their adorable Generation Alpha newborns? Considering there are roughly 2.5 million of them born around the globe every week, it’s probably worth thinking about.

So what do we know about Gen A so far? Firstly, they don’t know a world without technology. In fact, it’s such an integrated part of their lives that we should probably expect the unusual trend of Instagram filters as baby names to stick around. Secondly, if Gen Z attitudes are anything to go by, traditional gender binaries will eventually become redundant, giving rise to more gender-neutral names. And thirdly, individuals will have more power over their lives, says futurist, demographer, and TEDx speaker Mark McCrindle, who told Business Insider that massive technological changes will make Gen Alpha “the most transformative generation ever.”

So in honour of these futuristic infants, we made some of our own name predictions—all in good fun, of course.

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