NYT's Annual List of 52 Places to Go This Year Is Out!

The New York Times released their list of the hottest destinations to visit in 2015, igniting our wanderlust and prompting feverish searches for flights. Topping this year's list is Milan, Italy, a place the paper suggests is the most vibrant city in the country. The host of the 2015 World Expo—an event running from May through October with over 130 participating nations focusing on food, nutrition, and sustainability—Milan features world-class food, a recently revitalized harbour, and a plethora of cultural attractions. A close second, Cuba (pictured here) pops up as a newly accessible destination in the Caribbean for curious travellers. Check out the top 10 spots below and head to The New York Times for the full list and additional details on each of the locations.
1. Milan, Italy
2. Cuba
3. Philadelphia
4. Yellowstone National Park
5. Elqui Valley, Chile
6. Singapore
7. Durban, South Africa
8. Bolivia
9. Faroe Islands
10. Macedonia
Are any of these locations on your dream travel list? Share with us below!

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