Where Every Sydney Girl Should Go on Her First Trip to NYC

Rena Phuah

In my opinion, New York City is the greatest city in this world. The fact that it is the city that I have spent the longest in outside of Sydney, where I reside, and Kuala Lumpur, my hometown, could have something to do with it. I have vacationed in the city that never sleeps three times in my lifetime and I can safely call it my third home.

Every time I visit, there is always something new and exciting in every part of the city—from boutiques, cafes, bars, and restaurants— and no stay is ever the same which always leaves me wanting more (and tempted to book my next trip before I even leave).

Some of my favourite pastimes in The Big Apple involve people watching in hipsterville (aka Brooklyn), stumbling upon new scenic walks, and exploring new exhibits at iconic museums on the Upper East Side. During my last visit, I discovered a new list of must-visit hotspots—whether you’re planning your first trip or you're almost a local, add these haunts to your NYC bucket list. Read on.


Byredo is an olfactory heaven. Not only is it the ultimate way to shop this coveted brans, but you can also browse through the founder Ben Gorham’s new handbags lines. Fun fact: Gorham also designed all the furniture used in the store.




Possibly the best new restaurant that, as its name suggests, serves one of my favourite ingredients—the humble egg. You can opt for classic egg dishes (poached, omelette, benedict), sandwiches, or you can custom make your own meal.

the line



If I could visit only one store, this would be it. The Line is a luxe apartment-meets-store and absolutely everything you see in the apartment is for sale.




The cult cool girl clothing store—be prepared to leave the store feeling sorry for your wallet.

estela nyc



Currently number 44 in the world’s top 50 restaurants, Estela is a modern, Mediterranean-inspired restaurant with a relaxed vibe in the East Village that is perfect for a casual date night. The must-have dish? The beef tartare.

happy bones



This tiny, New Zealand-owned coffee shop in Little Italy serves some of the best coffee in town that matched with minimal, Instagram-worthy interior.




A store for all the cool boys (they have a smaller range for women) in the world. They sell the latest sneakers, streetwear, books, and homewares. The store carries a range of brands from Adidas, to Balmain and Yeezy. A boy gotta shop too, am I right?

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