37 New Year's Resolutions That Aren't "Exercise More" or "Quit Sugar"

New Year's resolutions are a great way to take some time and re-evaluate the things you want to consciously prioritise in the upcoming year.  And, while the idea of making a resolution can sometimes feel daunting, it is the perfect opportunity to focus your energy on bettering yourself.  

In a world where everything happens in an instantaneous click of a button, it can be easy to keep rushing ahead without taking any time for self-evaluation. But, at the end of the day, most of us strive for similar things. We hope to improve ourselves, to be happier and healthier; but sometimes it can be too easy to set goals that are really unattainable.  

Like so many people who start a new gym membership in January and quit by February, or go vegan but find themselves eating a burger two weeks later, many people find that  momentous resolutions like these are often given up or forgotten before February rolls around leaving them feeling worse off than they’d been in the first place. To make a resolution that is actually manageable, the trick is choosing something realistic, fulfilling, and not impossible to maintain long-term.  

So, if you’re tired of making the same resolutions you’ve made (and given up) year after year, keep reading for new ideas to inspire your resolution for 2018.

1. Read more.

2. Cook more.

3. Spend more time in gratitude.

4. Say "yes" more.

5. Consume better (art, music, food, etc.)

6. Spend more time outdoors.

7. Help others more.

8. Find a new passion.

9. Call your family more than once a week.

10. Do something brave.

11. Be more mindful.

12. Reduce your carbon footprint.

13. Wear nice pyjamas (every night).

14. Start a collection of something you appreciate (like crystals or books).

15. Expand your music taste.

16. Visit new places.

17. Drink more water.

18. Stop using your phone before bed.

19. Improve your posture.

20. Start a herb garden.

21. Commit to something that matters to you (a club, charity, or organisation)

22. Find a pen pal.

23. Send handwritten cards/ thank you letters.

24. Try to learn a new language (Use an app like Duo Lingo).

25. Stop doing things you don’t like.

26. Learn an instrument.

27. Visit friends who live in other places.

28. Make a new friend—or multiple.

29. Re-watch your favourite TV shows and movies.

30. Help the planet.

31. Do things alone.

32. Start a journal.

33. Eat more fruits and vegetables.

34. Organise a regular catch-up with friends who you don’t see as often.

35. Be more daring with your fashion and beauty looks.

36. Say "no" more.

37. Start using hand cream. 

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