The One Thing Every Successful Woman Does Before the New Year

Sophie Miura

As the start of a new year draws ever closer, it's easy for the days to blur amid the flurry of holiday parties, deadlines, and New Year's Eve celebrations. But if you're intent on racing through the season without pausing, women at the top of their field reveal you're making a big mistake.

Like strategising before an important meeting or penning a to-do list at the start of each day, taking the time to reflect on the past 12 months and choosing a resolution that will characterise 2017 is crucial to achieving your goals. Without a game plan, how will you know where to channel your effort or whether you need to adjust your focus?

If you're struggling to pinpoint your perfect resolution, take note: We turned to nine incredibly successful women and asked them to share their number one goal for 2017. They run million-dollar businesses, are Hollywood stars, manage thriving teams, and have reached the peak of their career, yet these fierce women prove you're never too successful to pause, reflect, and re-strategise.

Take a moment before the year comes to a close to think about the one goal you'd like to achieve in 2017. After all, the New Year remains unwritten—what will you make of it?

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