5 Smart Financial Habits to Start in 2017

Sophie Miura

January often signals a shift in perspective. After overindulging and overspending during the holiday season, we enter the New Year wanting to shed our bad habits and reset priorities. As 2017 stretches out before us, it's the best time to think about who we want to be—holiday indiscretions aside. 

If the start of the year gives you money anxiety you're not alone. But if your goal only focuses on the big-picture, you're making a vital mistake. Whether you're saving for your first home or to build an emergency fund, we've pinpointed the smart and simple habits that will help you achieve your goals in 12 months. Requiring little more than a few money apps, time, and resolve to start anew, they're easy to action now. 

Commit to adopting these five financial habits for a successful, stress-free 2017.

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