4 New Ways to Display Art You Haven't Tried Yet

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Our friends at Sunset magazine recently posted a fun roundup of new ways to display your favourite art, and we're freshly inspired. We love the idea of using "negative space" like a lonely corner to create a vertical vignette as well as the cheeky humour that displaying photography of a bed, over your bed, will inject into a room. Try a similar look over a sofa or a photo of a breakfast nook in your own kitchen.
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Other inspired ideas include leaning colourful and fun pieces instead of hanging them, which will enable you to rearrange as often as you like, whether seasonally or even daily. Placing small framed works in unexpected locations like a kitchen counter is also an unconventional yet stylish touch. To see the magazine's full list of suggestions, head over to Sunset. Then, let us know: do you have a favourite way to display art? Share it with us in the comments below. Photography: Courtesy of Sunset.
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