The Best Construction-Free Ways to Personalise Your Closet

Designer Estee Stanley shares easy ways to make your closet as chic as your clothes:

Closets are paramount in everyday living and need to be organised, accessible, and beautiful. If your home has history and character, I prefer to work with the existing shell and improve what you can while maintaining the soul of the home. When it comes to closets, older homes tend to leave a lot to be desired. But that doesn’t mean you can’t personalise this space without the expensive of construction and renovation. The same is true in new construction homes where there tends to be a total lack of character or architectural detail. My below tips work in either case so no matter what sort of home you’re in, you can have a stylish space, construction dust-free.

For Outer Beauty: I love interesting hardware that can instantly change the lock of your closet doors at a small expense. Try shopping in vintage markets to find something unique and eye catching or check out sources with unusual items like Anthropologie and House of Antique Hardware. If your closet doors are wood try applying some architectural beading or simple picture moulding to the fronts to add an interesting detail. Paint over in a colour that complements the rest of your space.

For Inner Beauty: Inside the closet, the best way to create an organised and aesthetically pleasing space is to use coordinating hangers that all match and will help keep your hanging garments orderly. Try adding sheet mirror to the inside of the closet doors for functionality. Store your accessories or items you do not want on display in chic woven baskets offering easy access but saving valuable space.

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