Finally a Barbie Commercial That Women Can Applaud

Katie Sweeney

The 59-year life of the Barbie doll has been laced with controversy dating all the way back to her conception. Mattel was first sued by a German doll maker in 1961, just two years into Barbie’s infamous life. Since then, there have been countless lawsuits and criticisms of Barbie’s unrealistic body, Caucasian features, and frequent stereotypes that promote sexism toward women. However, Mattel has just released a new ad that seems to finally plant Barbie firmly in 2015. The “imagine the possibilities” campaign promotes the idea that little girls can achieve anything. In the commercial, several kids act out the roles of professor, veterinarian, soccer coach, travelling businesswoman, and museum tour guide to groups of adults who are not actors. While the adults smile and are somewhat confused, it is the young actresses who catch your attention. They all have a no-nonsense, down-to-business, we-can-do-this attitude. If I had daughters, I would be happy to show them this commercial. Watch it now.

Give a Careers Barbie to the girl in your life.

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Opening Image: Susan's Disney Family

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