Meet Your New iPhone: You Can Now Take Snaps Worthy of a Travel Blogger

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by Katie Fowler

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Update 20/09: iPhone owners are getting an upgrade with the iOS 11 launching today. While there's been a beta version of the software floating around since June, see below for some of our favourite updates you can expect to see with this official launch according to Gizmodo Australia and TechCrunch

  • Updated camera functions: You'll no longer run out of storage with the iOS software halving the size of photos on your phone, meaning you can take more snaps. You can also now take long-exposure photos and loop videos out of the live videos you shoot. 
  • New emojis: You can expect to see an expansion of Apple's ever-growing emoji roster, with bearded men and exploding heads being just a few comical additions to the new characters entering the foray.
  • A customisable control centre: Prior to now, you were given shortcut options for features like the camera, flashlight, and aeroplane mode. Now, you will be able to customise these shortcuts to what you use most.
  • Easy filing solutions: In a first, now the app, Files will let you see all the documents and files you have stored in the Cloud, also allowing you to file documents from third-party apps like Google Drive and Dropbox. 

The update also includes little adjustments across the board, like new photography filters, upgrades to apple maps and Siri.

Original story: If I’m going to be completely honest, I’m not really one for gadgets with all the bells and whistles. I am, however, all for making menial life-admin tasks easier and a lot more simple. Take, transferring money to my best friend for the six chilli margaritas we consumed over the weekend. There's logging in and out of my banking app, finding the right account so I don’t transfer cash to someone in Russia by accident, and so on, literally gives me anxiety. So when Popsugar Australia reported the latest Apple iOS11 is launching with a new way to transfer money, you can only imagine my excitement and relief.

To pay your friends back for those big nights out (or if you’re more responsible than me, for a book they shouted you on how to save money), you'll soon be able to use Apple Pay. The feature will actually send the money straight to the right person through iMessage—genius. Another positive is that it could be a great way to save money. Quickly sending dollars to a responsible parent or sibling to put away for you could make your pockets actually a whole lot deeper. There's also going to be introduction of Apple Pay Cash, which allows your pay cheque to be kept directly on your phone. Your hard-earned wages will be instantly available for you to spend, send, or transfer to your bank account—pay bills on time, buy that Reformation dress, and still have money being saved away (goodbye cash, hello savings).

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