Watch This, Cook That: A Guide to Maximizing Netflix and Chill

Giselle Childs

For a trio of pretty benign words, Netflix and chill sure carries a lot of weight these days. No longer just a combination of two separate things people do on the weekends, Netflix and chill—comprising three words that invite a tempting, slightly salacious thrill—has become a thing. But what does it really mean, anyway? Like so many vague turns of phrase, in some ways, it’s open to interpretation. If the primary way you communicate with your friends is on Snapchat and you’ve unironically said “it’s lit” in the past six months, it might mean sex. If you were around to watch new episodes of Gilmore Girls when they aired every Tuesday night at 8 p.m. on The WB, it takes on a more literal meaning—as in literally sitting on the couch (with an S.O., friends, or yourself) and binge-watching the entirety of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life in one sitting. For the purposes of today’s piece, we’re going with the latter interpretation—and that's where the food comes in.

No Netflix sesh, whether you’re bingeing a whole season or not, is complete without a delicious indulgence. Now that you’re home for the holidays, or soon will be, why not take this chance to upgrade your typical Netflix-and-chill situation with something slow-cooked and delectable? The best part about making a meal in a slow cooker is all the time it frees you up to do other, more useful things, such as artfully dodge blindly insensitive questions about your perpetual singledom, decorate your Christmas tree like a pro, or, yes, get your Netflix on. Below we’ve rounded up six movies (some sleeper hits and a few must-see classics) you need to be streaming on Netflix and paired each one with a slow-cooker recipe to enhance the viewing experience. Play your cards right, and you could take that first tasty bite just as things start to get interesting. Timing is everything.

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