5 Tips for Working Mothers Wanting to Launch Their Own Business

Katie Fowler
by Katie Fowler

We recently read an article about a working mother who went on maternity leave, started a vegan makeup line, and never returned to her corporate job. Sounds impossible, right? Well we’re here to tell you it’s not. Although, whenever we hear entrepreneurial success stories like this one, the words ‘hard work’ are never far behind

Many (maybe even most) entrepreneurs will tell you running a business is a tough gig, let alone running a business while having three children under 17. But it is possible. Enter: Georgia Faull, the Auckland-based mother who makes the task look seamless. That said, Faull is in no rush to pull the pure organic cotton-wool over our eyes, as we recently learnt when she spoke to The Grace Tales. From sleepless nights, to handling the stresses of combining motherhood and work, keep scrolling to learn Faull’s five business tips for working mothers. 

THE GRACE TALES: Take us back to those early days of juggling a new business with a newborn baby…

GEORGIA FAULL: Lots of sleepless nights, both because of the baby and also spent thinking about the business. We lived in a classic tiny working-man’s cottage in Ponsonby, in inner city Auckland. Our entire front room was filled with stock. There wasn’t a lot of room for us and the baby (which was both exciting and daunting).

TGT: Is there anything you would have done differently?

GF: It’s hard to say, we have learnt a lot from our approach (warts and all), which we would never trade. The beauty of working at a more organic pace means we retain a greater connection with the brand and customers, although some days you wish it would all run with the push of a magic button!

TGT: What would your advice be to women wanting to launch their own business?

GF: To think outside of the square, don’t try to duplicate ideas that have already been done, and timing is crucial!

TGT: What keeps you driven and inspired?

GF: The kick you get out of offering something to the world that has come from some dreamy area of your brain and been turned into a reality.

TGT: How do you handle the inevitable stress that comes with juggling motherhood with work?

GF: By exercise and mindfulness – I try to slow my mental activity at certain times, and find having quiet time to myself is necessary to have clarity and feel balanced.

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