5 Surprising Facts About the Female Orgasm

Kelsey Clark

The female orgasm was once enshrouded in mystery and secrecy, safely confined behind closed bedroom doors and within sexual health pamphlets. Yesterday, we were lucky enough to have an entire 24 hours devoted to celebrating this magical sensation—and we’re taking full advantage of it. In honour of National Orgasm Day, we’re sharing five surprising, funny, and downright fascinating facts about the (sometimes) elusive female orgasm:

1. You can orgasm from working out.

Yes, exercise-induced orgasms actually exist, for both women and men. Around 10% of Americans have had an orgasm while working out, according to Dr. Debbie Herbenick, author of The Coregasm Workout. The best part? You can actually teach yourself how to do it. If that’s not an incentive to go to the gym, I don’t know what is.

2. Marijuana smokers have more orgasms.

The 2015 Singles in America survey, conducted by popular dating site Match.com, found that singles who had smoked weed were 109% more likely to experience multiple orgasms. What’s more, they were 3.6% more likely to have orgasms in general than nonsmokers. Anecdotal evidence across the board even led pleasure product company Foria to create a THC-based lubricant for women, as reported by Women’s Health.

3. Our parents have more orgasms than we do.

I apologise upfront for the traumatising visual. As Glamour reports, the millennial generation currently has 12% fewer orgasms than baby boomers. However, we suspect that this discrepancy is simply due to the fact that baby boomers are older and thus more sexually experienced. According to Women’s Health, female orgasms actually “become easier with age,” meaning that a deeper understanding of one’s own body leads to more frequent orgasms.

4. People who are more politically active are more passionate between the sheets.

We can thank Match.com’s Singles in America survey again for this interesting tidbit. Apparently, those who get fired up about Trump versus Clinton are also more likely to get fired up in the bedroom. Political evangelists are 13% more likely to orgasm than those who are politically apathetic and 23% more likely to experience multiple orgasms, according to the survey.

5. Most women need direct clitoral stimulation in order to orgasm.

Don’t let a frustrated partner or an unrealistic sex scene tell you otherwise; most women need direct clitoral stimulation in order to climax. According to Vanessa Marin, a sex therapist, some 75% to 80% of women cannot come without it. “This isn’t a bad thing!" explains Marin in an interview with Bustle. In fact, this is perhaps the biggest myths surrounding the female orgasm.

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