5 Ideas to Steal From Nate Berkus’s Kitchen Designs

Nate Berkus and his team at Nate Berkus Associates design beautiful kitchens—it’s just a fact. Recently, the designer has taken his talent for creating gorgeous culinary spaces one step further and embarked on the role of artistic adviser to LG Studio’s line of kitchen appliances so that now, even your oven, refrigerator, and dishwasher can have the Nate Berkus touch.

Berkus worked with the team at LG Studio to create a style guide based on what he feels is the quintessential American kitchen design. “I always veer away from trends,” the designer told us when we recently caught up with him. “So I’m not one to go after the technology that makes a countertop light up. For me, kitchen design is always about how you can make the room blend seamlessly into those around it. How is it layered? Does it feel assembled over time? And what are the elements that make it do that?” Excellent questions. Let’s take a look at some of Berkus’s gorgeous work to get some insight into how he creates these classic and timeless culinary spaces.

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