Inside a Chic, Eclectic Nashville Loft

Sacha Strebe

When interior designer Kendall Simmons downsized her home to a historic 660-square-foot loft in Nashville, she didn't let the small size compromise her decorating plans. Instead, Simmons and her husband jam-packed it full of character, sentimental finds, and bright colours, culling anything that "wasn't truly beautiful or meaningful." The intimate space reflects the couple's eclectic taste and global travels. "Our move to a small space was fuelled by a desire to live more intentionally," she told MyDomaine. "We wanted to focus on buying experiences, not things to fill our home."

The building was originally built in the mid-1800s and converted into contemporary lofts in 2008 while keeping the original bones intact. The hardwood floors, exposed timber beams, and brickwork are all original features that are complemented by Simmons's varied aesthetic. "As a designer, my personal style evolves constantly," she said. "My home is an eclectic mix of individual items that make me happy and things I won't grow tired of. I like to surround myself with colour and pieces that tell a story about who I am and where I've been." Ahead, Simmons shares her design details for each room. 

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