Inside An Editor's Art Deco Bondi Beach Apartment

by MyDomaine

As editors, we usually prefer to stand behind the camera than in front of it. (Fact: Many of the MyDomaine Australia team are extremely camera shy!) While styling incredible spaces and directing shoots is all part of the day job, creating photo magic in our own homes is not so much. That said, this year we’re flipping the script. Starting today, we’ll be bringing you, our readers, what you’ve long been asking for—an unadulterated peek into the real life homes of editors.

First off the rank is lifestyle editor Lauren Powell's airy Bondi Beach pad. Best described as feminine-meets-minimal, it features a mix of natural textures, pale woods, and lush greenery. And, just like its owner, is dressed in a chic monochromatic palette accented with ballet pink. We also sat down with Powell to quiz her on everything from her favourite piece of decor, to how she incorporates both low- and high-end brands for maximum styling impact. Keep scrolling for our Q&A.

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