This Instagram Page Will Help You Live Your Best Life (If We Say So Ourselves)

Katie Fowler
by Katie Fowler

When it comes to social media, Instagram delivers us the world in all its colourful glory. With the touch of a finger, the app can tell us where to book our next holiday, what new baby names we should add to our ever-growing list, and most importantly, what colours interior designers think we should paint our home. Here at MyDomaine Australia we use Instagram to find trends, shop the latest décor, and to keep motivated. We are also passionate about making life more beautiful and—if we do say so ourselves—we do a fantastic job of sharing our passion with our followers. Our Instagram feed is where you'll find daily inspiration on how to live your best life yet with expert tips, career-related advice, images of stunning interiors, recipes, and much more. 

So, are we Instagram friends? Ahead you'll find seven good reasons why you should follow MyDomaine Australia on Instagram, if you don't already.

Follow us at, then keep scrolling.

#1: We're big on sharing new, expert-approved décor trends.


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Trends come and go, so we're always on the lookout for the latest décor to share with our followers.

#2: #TravelTuesday is one of our favourite hashtags.

Feel a holiday coming on? We scout out the latest hotspots you may not have heard of, sometimes courtesy of Emily Ratajkowski.

#3: Where to shop, dine, drink, and play is always at the forefront of our minds.

Stuck on what to do for the weekend? We've got you covered.

#4: Meal ideas won’t ever be an issue again (especially those weeknight stresses).


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You'll never utter the words "what should I have for dinner?" again with these mouth-watering food images and recipes.

#5: We take DIY to a whole new level.


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From making a blanket in four hours to turning your black thumb green, we speak to the experts so you don't have to.

#6: Peek inside celebrity homes, so you can dream of owning a palatial estate.


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Because who doesn't want to see inside Lauren Conrad and Cindy Crawford's homes?

#7: Quotes by inspiring people help cure Mondayitis.


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You'll be thanking us and double-tapping at 7 a.m. on Monday mornings.

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