Announcing MyDomaine—Big Changes Ahead!

Julia Millay Walsh

We have some big news for you! As you may have noticed, we’ve introduced some new topics here on Domaine over the past few months. Today we are thrilled to officially announce our expansion into a number of new categories, offering you a broader scope of content that inspires and informs you on all the lifestyle topics you care about. In addition to home décor, we’ll be tapping into other important facets of your lives, including travel, food, entertaining, music and film, real estate, career and money, tech, parenting, love and dating, weddings, and healthy living—all filtered through the same Domaine aesthetic and voice you’ve come to know and enjoy. We’ll continue to bring you the inspiring imagery, must-have products, and tried-and-true advice that you love—daily.

With this renewed focus, we've also decided to take on a new name that better encapsulates our mission: MyDomaine. And along with it, we also have a new URL: We can't wait to show you what's in store. We hope you're as excited as we are!

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