15 Movies About Dogs to Watch If You're a Big Fan of These Four-Legged Friends

Kelly Dawson

When it comes to welcoming a dog into your home, there are a lot of positives. Dogs make for ready sources of affection, endless supplies of entertainment, and dependable friends in any circumstance. Nevertheless, it's also true that dogs are a lot of responsibility, and the work in exercising, feeding, and generally caring for them shouldn't be downplayed, either. After you make a dog part of your family, you accept everything that comes with it.

Something that's less high-stakes than bringing home a dog is watching movies about dogs. Sure, fictional families may have to deal with their four-legged pets getting into trouble, but you won't. All you have to do while watching these plot twists is sit back and relax since pups like Marley or Bolt or Air Bud are none of your responsibility. Nice, isn't it?

We listed 15 movies about dogs that show these animals in everything from animated classics like Lady and the Tramp to recent favourites like Marley and Me. Whether you watch them with your dog or use them as a push to finally get one, these movies will be a fun way to see how this pet has made its mark in film—including as a villain.

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