It's Mother's Day on Sunday: Here's How to Win the Favourite Child Award

Katie Fowler
by Katie Fowler

What do you get the mum who's a bit anti-Mother’s Day? Long ago we learned that when mum says, “I don’t want anything, don’t be silly”, it’s most often a trap. If you fall for it, you can bet when the big day rolls around and there’s not gift in sight, she'll have a look of disappointment on her face. And you'll be left feeling like the world’s worst child. This is where a practical gift comes in. Something mum will use every day makes for a great present. That, and doing the washing, dishes, or yard work. (And loving her unconditionally of course.) From the mum that is obsessed with anything food-related to the brand new mum, we have you covered no matter what. Scroll on for the ultimate Mother’s Day shopping list featuring the items that she’s been dreaming of, but wouldn’t dream of asking for.  

For the new mum

For the anti-mother's day mum

For the homebody mum

For the health-nut mum

For the food loving mum

For the young mum

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