Our Editors Share a Tear-Jerking Tribute to Their Mothers

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As Mother’s Day fast approaches—it’s falling on May 13, in case you forgot—we’re taking it as a timely opportunity to celebrate motherhood, and all that it encompasses, for this entire month. While gifts and flowers are welcomed by women worldwide, after years of sleep deprivation to endless drop-offs and pick-ups, you could say that mums are well-deserving of as much praise as they can get. So we’re starting the month off by paying tribute to our own mothers.

Below, our editors share tear-jerking tributes. And whether it’s through text, phone call, or card, we suggest you do the same. Grab the tissues, you’re going to need them.

"I’m not sure it’s possible to thank my mum for just one thing! I’m approaching 30, and she still does so much for me every single day. Not only are we in constant contact—sharing advice, anecdotes (and the occasional Insta-meme), but we are each other’s biggest support. To narrow down the long list of what to thank my mum for is pretty much blasphemy, but here it goes.

Mum, thank you for making me the person that I am: Determined, focused, curious, creative, and resourceful. You’ve taught me how to never take no for an answer, and for that I will be forever thankful."

"I will always be thankful to my mum for giving up her career and personal aspirations to care for my siblings and I. She continues to put herself last so we can put ourselves first. Without her support and “just see what happens” approach to life, I wouldn’t be where I am today." 

"There are countless things I could thank my mum for, but for now, I’d like to say a big thank you for all the support she’s given me since I moved out of home a few years ago. Even now when she visits, she’ll vacuum my apartment while I’m at work, do my groceries, or leave cash somewhere that I’ll find a few days later. Even though I’m a working, responsible adult, there’s something so special about coming home to fresh sheets and dinner cooked by my mumma."

"Choosing just one thing to thank my mum for is actually impossible. She’s done everything, selflessly, for such a long time for four kids (plus Dad)—case in point, 2018 is her first year without a kid in school for the last 23 years. Seriously, let’s give the woman a round of applause. But what I most want to thank her for is demonstrating the immense power of kindness. I’ve never met someone so caring, with such a deep emotional intelligence as my mum. I can be a tough person with lots of sharp edges (a consequence of having ambition, maybe?), but Mum has always reminded me to be kind, to be unafraid of showing my own softness. Better than just telling me, she’s shown me how it’s done every day of her life. I promise I’ve been listening Mum. I promise I’m trying to be just as kind, caring and generous as you are… and I promise I’ll call you soon!"

"As I get older, I realise what mum meant when she said 'no one will love you like I do.' And though it’s a saying that my 13-year-old self once rolled my eyes at, now I get what she meant: Selfless love. Before she was even close to having children, she migrated to Australia, up-skilled with little finance and made a home in a foreign country so that I could know equality. And since I was born she has been unwavering in showing kindness, patience, generosity and love—mostly when I definitely didn’t deserve it. She cries for me, jumps for joy with me, and still cooks me food every single week (true story). So yes, she definitely deserves a standing ovation."

"My mum. Loving, encouraging, generous and kind, she's always been my champion and always on my side. Even now that I live on the other side of the world to her, and despite a time difference that sometimes makes it difficult for us to keep in touch, I know that she is always there if I need her. My mum's love and kindness have made me the person I am today. Her strength, resilience, humour, and hard work to build a family and life continue to inspire me. She is the loveliest woman that I know. Thanks for everything, Mum." 


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