These are the Most Popular Wedding Gifts, According to a Registry

Lauren Powell


Considering that 79.4% of couples who were married in 2014 had already lived together first (according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics), it seems the traditional idea of giving gifts to build a martial home is in need of an update. While porcelain dinner sets, crystal vases, and blenders are wedding gifts not to be scoffed at, it’s a fact that most newlyweds have all the household items they need before they walk down the aisle.

So what do couples really want to receive? We tapped wedding registry The Gift Collective, which was created to offer a personal approach to gifting, to find out. Founder of the gift-giving website, Charles Roche, has revealed the top five wedding gifts that are most commonly requested—wedding guests, you’re welcome. Scroll down for the ultimate wedding gift ideas list and impress the socks off the bride and groom at the next nuptials you’re lucky enough to attend.


“More and more couples are choosing unique pieces of art for their wedding gift. This month we’ve partnered with Bluethumb, which is Australia’s largest art marketplace, to offer brides and grooms a wide selection of artwork to choose from.”


“The financial stress of planning a honeymoon on top of a wedding is huge for young couples. We find that so many newlyweds would love nothing more than a trip away to celebrate.”


“Fine wine, like a perfect partnership, only improves with time. Contributing to the beginning of a couple’s wine collection is the perfect gift idea.”

Charity causes

“What do you get for the couple who has everything? A donation to their favourite charity is a beautiful way to celebrate their union and share the love.”

Expensive household items 

“Although blenders may seem like a passé wedding gift nowadays, there are certain household items that are still coveted by couples—and the Thermomix, which retails at over $2,000, is definitely one of them!”

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