15 Popular Dog Breeds That Just Might Be Perfect for You

by Zoe Brown


Have you seen that new Dogs documentary series on Netflix? The cute factor is so overwhelming that I cannot seem to binge it. Each pup has an adventure worth savouring.

In fact, every dog has its own story. Many pups sit at shelters waiting to be adopted for months; when their day finally comes, it is the best moment of their life and of their new family’s lives too. Puppy love is infectious.

When deciding which type of dog to bring home, though, there are many factors to consider. Their size, exercise regimen, grooming needs, and other social traits, like will they get along with children? If you are not sharp on your knowledge of dog breeds, choosing between a few mutts may prove to be a crapshoot. Generally speaking, working breeds are large and need more exercise while toy breeds can be stubborn and loyal to a fault.

American Kennel Club is a great resource to determine the right kind of dog for your home. It even puts out a list every year that showcases the most popular dog breeds; we have found the top 15 and described their attributes below. While you may not find many purebred pups at your local shelter, being armed with an understanding of the most prevalent breeds will help you make an informed decision.

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