Looking for a Career Change? These are The Most In-Demand Jobs in the Country

Lauren Powell


Stuck in a professional rut? Does a career change sound slightly (or very) tempting to you? According to Business Insider Australia, Australia has created an impressive 180,000 jobs in the past year so if you're dreaming of shaking up the CV, it seems now is the time. The good news? We have some exceptionally good suggestions for you.

Albeit this high figure, according to the latest ManpowerGroup Talent Shortage Survey released earlier this year, 38% of the 1,500-plus firms surveyed across Australia reported difficulties filling these job vacancies due to a lack of skill shortages among workers. In addition, within said survey, the workforce solutions company also revealed what jobs currently have the highest demand from employers across the country. Job-seekers, this is an opportunity if we’ve ever seen one. Read on to find out which professions are the most in-demand in the country this year.

1. Skilled trades
2. Engineers
3. Management/executive
4. Sales representatives
5. IT staff
6. Accounting and finance staff
7. Doctors and other non-nursing health professionals
8. Technicians
9. Office support staff
10. Drivers

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