Did you Google the Most Searched Recipes of 2016?

Lauren Powell

Minimalist Baker

Fact: We all love food. But which food did we love most in 2016, according to Google? Well the culinary search results of the year are in and we have to admit, we’re a little surprised. While last year we were mostly (and unsurprisingly) googling pancake, slow cooker, and chicken recipes (yum!), this year we wanted to know how to cook green bean casserole and brussels sprouts more than any other cuisine—it seems like 2016 was the year of being health conscious—bravo, world!

Although, just like in 2015, we also searched for a few delicious treats, too (hello snow cream and buttercream frosting)—it’s all about balance, right? Scroll down to find out which popular recipes made this year’s top 10 list.

1. Green bean casserole

2. Brussels sprouts

3. Hashbrown casserole

4. Guacamole

5. Chicken Marsala

6. Chicken Tetrazzini

7. Snow cream

8. Buttercream frosting

9. Pork chops

10. Turkey gravy

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