These Were the Most Googled Recipes of 2015

Lauren Powell


Did you Google “pancake recipe” this year? Thanks to Google’s top 10 trending recipes of 2015, we know many of you did, along with lots of other delicious recipes. Every year, Google releases its most searched for terms, including the most searched for recipes—read: what we all wanted to eat this year! And we’re pleased to note there was an even mix of healthy options and desserts—it’s all about balance. Scroll down to see which popular recipes made this year’s list.

  1. Pancake recipe
  2. Slow cooker recipe
  3. Chicken recipes
  4. Thermomix recipes
  5. Lasagne recipes
  6. Chocolate cake recipe
  7. Quiche recipe
  8. Paleo recipe
  9. Pizza dough recipe
  10. Banana bread recipe


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What recipes did you Google this year? Tell us below!

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