This $330 Million Bel-Air Mansion Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Kelsey Clark

Having spent our fair share of time perusing celebrity real estate listings, we are, it's safe to say, no strangers to luxury living. That being said, the most expensive house for sale in the United States still managed to make our jaws drop. One peek inside will explain why: The $250 million (USD) Bel-Air mansion takes opulence to a whole new level, housing a candy room, a James Bond–themed movie theatre, and a four-lane bowling alley in addition to 12 bedrooms and 21 bathrooms.

Built by developer Bruce Makowsky, the 38,000-square-foot property took four years to build and required the help of over 300 people. In addition to the above amenities, the four-level mansion is also home to an auto gallery with $30 million worth of vintage cars, a $2 million floating staircase, two wine cellars, a spa, an 85-foot infinity pool, a nightclub, and a 1980s-style helicopter that doubles as a piece of art. If the home sells for its current asking price of $250 million, it will overtake  as the most expensive home in America.

Step inside the most expensive home on sale in America for yourself, and share your thoughts on the property below!

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