The #1 Way to Kill Sugar Cravings, According to a Celebrity Nutritionist

Kelsey Clark

As luck would have it, sugar was finally outed as the root of all health-related evil—a few decades too late. While we were focused on eradicating any and all fat from our diets in the '90s, our burgeoning sugar addictions were left unsupervised, left to feed on cookies, pastries, and other sugary-sweet, processed delicacies.

Which brings me to my next point: the most effective way to wean yourself off the sweet stuff. According to celebrity nutritionist Elissa Goodman, who recently spoke with our sister site Byrdie, the tried-and-true cold-turkey method is the best way to kick your sugar habit for good. More specifically, cut out all processed foods, which are often riddled with added sugars—even those of the savoury variety.

"Stop eating sugar!" says Goodman. "The less you eat, the less you'll crave it. Add whole, nutrient-dense foods, and in a short time, you will notice cravings diminish; my clients notice that cravings begin to diminish on days four and five of their cleanse week. Force yourself to stick with it until you break through your cravings."

Before you start, be sure to read up on the 11 nutrition label ingredients that are essentially code for "sugar," and try a healthy cookbook on for size.

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