Morning Routines You Should Adopt Before You Turn 30

Gabrielle Savoie

Our 20s are largely spent figuring things out—and this starts with kicking off our day on the right foot. From how to wake up sans hangover to how to start our day on a healthy note and how to be on time—every small decision we make when our eyes first open in the morning can have a significant impact on our day, our health, our happiness, and our level of success. Take it from one MyDomaine editor who is turning 30 today: There comes a time when being fashionably late is no longer cute and when feeling flustered in the morning gets really old. 

The good news is that with a few small tweaks to our morning routines, we can significantly alter the first hours of our day and become more happier, healthier, and more productive in the process. Are you looking to break your bad snoozing habit? Want to have a more organised home and schedule? Do you want to focus your energy on what truly matters? It all starts with these helpful morning habits to adopt now.

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