8 Morning Rituals of the Most Successful People

Katie Sweeney

“Science has proven that willpower is highest in the morning and depletes as the day passes,” a recent Inc. article reports. Therefore, the most successful people are up and at it early getting things done. While the morning habits of successful people vary, there are common things that CEOs and billionaires like Richard Branson practice each day. “The day begins with the morning, and how well you utilise your morning decides how well you utilise your day,” explains Alok Sharma. So what are their rituals? Here are eight helpful morning habits that successful people swear by.

  1. They wake up early.
  2. They decide and review what to do for the day.
  3. They work out.
  4. They have a healthy breakfast.
  5. They maintain a journal.
  6. They meditate.
  7. They begin work with the focused execution of the most challenging tasks.
  8. They outlearn their competition by reading newspapers, books, journals, and magazines; and listening to podcasts, talks, and audio books.

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What are your morning rituals?

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