The Surprising Disadvantage of Being a Morning Person

Dacy Knight


Do you spring out of bed at the crack of dawn or earlier, ready to kickstart the day long before most of the world even considers waking up? If you're a morning person, you're used to seizing the day at its very start, finding productivity from the get-go. But what does this mean for you as the day goes on? A new study reveals some surprising findings about early risers and their work performance at night.

Researchers from Oxford University's Higher School of Economics found that come evening, there's a distinct difference between morning people and night owls in the way they manage tasks. The researchers had these two sets of individuals complete a test in the evening. Early risers demonstrated a quicker reaction time and completed the tests quicker, but they were more likely to make mistakes. Evening people, on the other hand, took a more serious approach toward the test, requiring more time but providing more accurate answers.

If you're a morning person, you may want to reconsider doing work in the evening or pulling late nights at the office. While there are many benefits to rising early, efficiency and accuracy in work done in the evening is not one of them.

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