This Health Trend Saw a 746% Jump in Pinterest Saves in Just 6 Months

Kelsey Clark

With roughly 175 million active users each month, Pinterest gives us a window into the minds of countless creators, entrepreneurs, and pinners around the globe, making them an authority on all things trending in the lifestyle space. So when something increases in save volume by over 700 per cent on Pinterest in just six months, according to their Consumer Communications team, you know it's worth keeping an eye on. Such is the story with moon milk, a warm bedtime drink made with calming adaptogens and regular milk or nut milk, which has seen a 746% jump in Pinterest saves since January 2018. 

"Moon milk is a caffeine-free concoction honouring the Ayurvedic lineage, which believes that warm milk can aid in a good night’s sleep," food stylist, recipe developer, and wellness writer Alison Wu told MyDomaine. "They are well suited for nighttime enjoyment, but really can be enjoyed any time of day. These potions are packed with adaptogens, selected for their calming, nurturing, and relaxing properties, which are best extracted using some sort of fat."

Wu typically uses a combination of hot water and coconut butter as the base for her dreamy concoctions (which she frequently shares on Instagram), but you can use regular or nut milk if preferred. Depending on which adaptogens you include, moon milk can help you ease anxiety and stress before drifting off to sleep. Find three of Wu's favourite moon milk recipes for a good night's sleep below. 

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