How to Take Control of Your Money in 2017: A Month-by-Month Guide

Sophie Miura

The most ambitious, life-changing goals all have one thing in common: They make you feel instantly weak at the knees and at first glance, they might appear to be too outrageous to achieve. If your financial goal for 2017 seems like more of a pipe dream than simply a task on your to-do list, then that's good. It means you've set your sights high and are poised to push yourself to make it a reality. 

The next step is key: Develop a game plan. Whether your aim is to manage your money like an adult or to eliminate financial guilt for good, the only way to make that scary goal seem a little more achievable is to map out a path to success. 

We've tackled the hard part for you, and we've devised the ultimate month-by-month guide to help you take control of your finances, once and for all. Each month, we've handpicked a different topic to focus on, including mastering your 401(k), paying down debt, and drafting a budget, so that you'll hit your goal by December. 

Ready to take control of your finances in 2017? This is your 12-step plan.

Looking to give your home the same once-over? Follow our 12-month guide. 

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