Want to Reset Your Finances? Try This Effective "Money Cleanse"

Dacy Knight


Just as the holiday overindulgences from feasting to drinking left us feeling far from our best selves, the season also did a number on our bank accounts. But in the same way you're determined to get back on track to wellness by committing to healthy lifestyle choices and detoxing your diet, you can recover from holiday overspending with a "money cleanse," as proposed by holistic wealth expert Leanne Jacobs, author of Beautiful Money and certified nutritionist and yoga instructor with an MBA.

While we're all aware of the connection between cleaning up your life and living healthier—à la Marie Kondo and The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up—we don't always consider how greatly the state of our finances affect our wellbeing from sleeping more soundly to having a clearer sense of purpose to feeling more empowered. The strategies proposed by Jacobs rely less on budgeting and applying strict rules to spending and more on taking care of your personal wellness from every angle and seeing it translate into a healthier relationship with money. So as you head into the New Year with a renewed motivation to clean up your diet, home, and life, consider also tidying up your finances with a much needed "money cleanse."

Keep scrolling to read Leanne Jacobs' tips for successfully committing to a money cleanse and detoxing your finances once and for all.

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